Shagririm Balev

Ambassadors of the Heart

A Matchmaking Social-Technological Initiative

Introducing Ambassadors of the Heart (AKA "Shagririm Balev")

An initiative dedicated to helping individuals within the othdodox Jewish community find their life partners. We believe that meaningful relationships are the cornerstone of lasting unions, and our network of passionate volunteers is committed to bringing singles together, one couple at a time.

Ambassadors are regular people who want to help the singles in their lives find their partner. The Ambassadors register the singles and help support and guide them throughout the dating process. This personalized approach helps ensure that the singles get suggestions that are aligned with their personal and othdodox needs.

How does it work?

Ambassadors are responsible to be in contact with their candidates, and their job is to find matches for them from the database, using various technologies and tools.


Sign up as an Ambassadors! Visit our website and complete the sign-up process here. Welcome aboard!


Next add your friends who are in search of a partner to the secure database. 


Your role is to search the app, using our advanced algorithms, for suitable matches for your candidates.


Once you have identified a potential match you will contact the other Ambassador to see if both parties are interested in meeting.


Once both parties agree to a date, the exciting journey begins! Witness the start of a potentially wonderful connection.

The database is only accessible to the Ambassadors, who are beholden to the highest ethical standard and discretion, and highly motivated to establish as many happy “Bayit Neeman”s in Israel.

What is Expected from an Ambassador?

The database is only accessible to qualified Ambassadors, which means that we hold our volunteers to the highest discretion policies in compliance with international standards of privacy and data security.

  • Sign up at least 3 potential candidates (start with one).
  • Utmost professionalism and discretion and real motivation.
  • Dedicate approximately 1 hour a week for finding matches.
  • Basic computer / app and internet skills.
  • Passion for helping others find their soul mates

The Ambassadors get professional training and guidance throughout, including invitations to events that are tailored for their needs and interests.

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Ambassadors Worldwide

We have expanded our platform throughout the world to extend the pool of possibilities for our candidates.


Singles in our Database

Men and Women of all ages, sectors and ‘Hashkafa’.

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Candidates book their first date every week.

Our Ambassadors are fully motivated. Dates are negotiated and established around the clock (But don’t worry, it is all done with a delicate balance between volunteering and life).


Candidates found their soul mate just in the last year

Many of these matches had no way of finding each other without Ambassadors of the Heart.

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Candidates in the system got married!

Ambassadors of the Heart encourages the candidates to find their soul mates even outside the platform. As Ambassadors of the Heart offer workshops and social and activities – many candidates find themselves married way faster than they expected.


A couple gets engaged every TWO DAYS!

This is our crazy statistic that  just keeps growing!

What is the benefit of being a part of our database?

  • Classes and lectures from professionals in the dating world.
  • Personal Guidance. We boast a ratio of 5 candidates per Ambassador.
  • Special offers and services for our members (Photo sessions, events, subsidized coaching etc.).
  • Qualified Ambassadors who have a personal connection with their candidates, providing highly reliable and accurate information. 


We are happy that you chose to join the Ambassadors of the Heart (AKA ‘Shagririm Balev’) initiative in an attempt to find your partner.
Our project functions through our Ambassadors – friends helping friends.
The only way to join the initiative is through an Ambassador who you personally know. We do this so that we can maintain a quality collection of individuals in our database.
You can search for an Ambassador you may know through this address: my.shagririm.org.il.
If you don’t know any of our Ambassadors, try asking a friend or acquaintance who you know, to join as an Ambassador and represent you along with other friends. He/She can apply here.
If you do not succeed in being signed up, you can reach out with some information about yourself and we can try to assign the best Ambassador to you. Currently, we don’t provide this option, but you may follow our facebook page and stay tuned. 

The registration process includes filling out your personal information and signing the terms and conditions. You will then be invited to an interview, and if qualified, you will be introduced to the app and technologies and… you’re on board!

To begin the process, apply here.

Ambassadors of the Heart is supported by the kindness of others.

We are a non-profit organization and benefit greatly from donations and volunteer work. Please consider donating to our cause and help our Ambassadors find matches for all our candidates. We won’t stop until every match is made.

We are registered in Israel as “Shagririm Balev”, you may donate via a bank transfer:

Mercantile Bank (17)
Ramot Branch (742)

Please send us the proof of transfer, so we can issue a receipt. 
The donations are tax-deductible in Israel (Se’if 46)



Ambassadors of the Heart (Aka 'Shagririm Balev')

Our goal and purpose is to help the Orthodox Jewish community in finding their partners.


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